Push My Profile

Push My Profile are web design agency based in cheshire. They recently released v1 of their new website and sent it to us and we love it!

They have created something different from your usual web design agency website going for a fun and more creative colour scheme (blue and orange. Not the easiest to make look good) while incroporating and keep aspects of the design high end graphically! This really comes off well and produces a great looking site that is easy to use across all devices.

Only small in size! (There is currently on 6 page if you dont included the cookie policy etc) its small and loads incredible fast for this reason although the guys at push my profile have mentioned the size of the site will increase when the reach phase 2 of the design.

Overall Push My Profile have taken a risk in a sense but have managed to create a diffirent Web Agency website so that they stand out from the crowd! You can take a look at the site in all its glory to the right or visit it using the link below. Enjoy!

Visit Push My Profile